The Family Behind the Brand

Photo- from left to right (Tracey, Mel & Amanda)

Tracey (left), Mel (centre) and Amanda (right).

 Hi there and welcome to La Bella Candles. 

We are a mother and daughters team based here in the sunny Hawkes Bay.  We are a close family and do so much together our friends have become like extensions to our family which is amazing. 

Tracey and I (Mel) are both early childhood teachers and started this new adventure at the beginning of 2017 to spend more time together and we love candls. I have been working in early childhood for the past ten years as well as doing admin for other facebook pages. I have a passion for health and wellness and just began my journey for a better me which I am loving. Tracey started in the early childhood sector 2016, preivous to this Tracey has worked in admin roles, she is an amazing mum and welcomes everyone of our friends into our family with open arms and has such a kind and caring nature we could not have asked for a better mum!. Amanda works in hospitality, she also has a big focus on helath and excerise and is our main sales lady as well she comes up with new flavours that she likes. As a team we all have our different areas in the business I focus mainly on social media and marketing as well as making the products and Tracey focuses on the money and making the products as well. 

Our goal is to be a house hold name within New Zealand and into stores as well. 

In our spare time we love being surrounded with our family and friends we are always entertaining people and absouletly beleive that life is too short and we need to have a laugh and fun. 

Thats all from us now, I am sure we will update you with whats happening within the business stage by stage!

Have a wonderful day

Taylorchicks xoxoxo

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